Welcome Ailish (and thank f*ck)

We're currently working very hard on Series 2 of the Weekly General Meeting podcast. And for the first time myself and Níal will be joined by a dedicated Producer. Ailish Bracken, a TV and Film producer from Dublin, who's credits include Panti's Queen of Ireland documentary, as well as RTE comedies The Savage Eye and Irish Pictorial Weekly. And to be quite frank she couldn't have gotten here sooner. 

Níal and I are a disaster when it comes to organisation. Anyone who has ever come to one of our live shows will testify to that. We've had grand plans for the podcast but never had the focus to pull them off. But now, with Ailish's steady hand at the wheel, we can finally turn this into the podcast we've been hoping for.

We still haven't got a release date for the new series but it will be in the next few weeks. As always it will feature performances, presentations and chat from our favourite Irish arty people, but will also boast a butt load of new features. Can't say much more at the moment, but the three of us are very excited. So make sure you're subscribed on whatever podcatching software or app you use, because we'll be back (and better) before you know it.